Open sauna days at Jägala Juga

Number of guests:
from 4 to 8
5 hours


Steam bathing days at Jägala Juga will immerse you in the rich world of bathing traditions, purifying your body and soul through the elements of water, fire, air, and earth. The rituals perfectly balance deep warming and refreshing contrasting treatments, the energy of herbs, and the cleansing power of salts for your complete relaxation and rebirth. This 5-hour program is designed for men's and women's companies and is held twice a month.
Our sauna master personally greets each guest and shows them to the bathhouse, where they change into comfortable, lightweight textiles of premium quality: a linen bathing suit, robe, slippers, and a hat. We will also provide you with a soft towel.
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Cost: 150 euros per person

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