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Give your loved ones the gift of care
Jägala Juga's gift card is an exclusive gift that shows your care for your loved ones.

Give them a chance to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of tranquility while staying in a private villa amidst the forest or to enjoy unique bathing rituals performed by Jägala Juga's professional sauna masters.

Perfect for any occasion, this gift will leave a lasting memory of a time well spent.
The gift card allows you to pay
for the following services
Overnight stay at the villa
Treat your loved ones to a night in a picturesque villa in the forest near Tallinn, where they can enjoy breakfast overlooking the river, discover nature's beauties, and relax by the cozy fire, as well as order unique steam bathing rituals. Breakfast included.

Cost: €350
Duration: one night
Number of guests: 1-3
Steam bathing session for two
Treat your loved ones to a steam bathing session for two at Jägala Juga. Let an exclusive immersion in sauna culture, steam bathing with aromatic oak whisks, relaxing hammam treatments, and massages be their perfect choice for a revitalizing recreation.

Cost: €500
Duration: 4 hours
Number of guests: 2 (additional guest + €250)
Personalized steam bathing session
Treat your loved ones to the ideal rejuvenating weekday retreat. In the privacy of our bathhouse, accompanied by an experienced sauna master, our guests will enjoy steam bathing with aromatic oak whisks and relaxing hammam treatments.

Cost: €195
Duration: 1.5 hours
Number of guests: 1-3
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