Sauna Benefits and Safety Recommendations Explained

Unlocking the Wellness Secrets: 5 Sauna Benefits

Going to a sauna regularly is beneficial for the body and mind if you know and observe some basic tips on how to seamlessly interweave steam bathing sessions into your life routine. In this article, we’ll share five steam sauna benefits that sauna lovers avail themselves of. We’ll also provide the guide on how to ensure that your bathing experience with its increased temperatures and humidity is not only pleasant but also safe for your body.

The five most popular benefits explained in detail

Let’s now explore in more detail what compelling sauna benefits imply.

1) Going to a sauna regularly improves your metabolism

This is perhaps the most obvious beneficial effect of being exposed to high temperatures. When found in this somewhat stressful situation, our bodies work more intensely to adjust to new conditions, e.g. our heart rate rises. This stimulates the metabolic system to work faster. Correspondingly, calories in your body burn faster, too, both when you’re in a steam room and several hours after bathing. This gives you a pleasant feeling of lightness.

2) Sweating flushes out harmful toxins

In today’s world, it’s getting harder to live healthy lives that are not affected by pollution and are completely free from processed food. Consequently, harmful toxins can accumulate in the organs, making us feel sick and tired and even speeding up the aging process. Perspiring is effective in cleansing us from these impurities so that we feel uncluttered and regain vital energy. After the main part of the session, guests are treated with aromatic herbal tea and nutritious, vitamin-rich snacks that reinforce the detox effect.

3) The heat relaxes your muscles and relieves pain and discomfort

When you’re exposed to high temperatures, your blood circulates more intensely and furnishes the vitally needed oxygen to your overworked, tensed, and tired muscles. At the same time, it carries away the unnecessary stuff. This rush of blood influences the muscles for good by restoring them. Not only is any tension gone, but the exasperating conditions are considerably alleviated, such as the discomfort and pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, and so on. These traditional sauna benefits improve life quality, especially when the sessions occur regularly.

4) Slowing down and taking care of yourself improves your mental well-being

As we mentioned earlier, relaxing in the warmth of a steam room boosts blood circulation, saturating the brain with oxygen. That is why, after these sessions, your mind is cleared, and they’re even believed to inhibit the development of conditions like dementia. What’s more, endorphins are released, which gives you a sense of joy and lightness and helps you let go of care. On the contrary, the level of cortisol drops, which allows you to find the inner balance and deal with anxiety and stress.

5) Sauna benefits for the skin are explicit right from the first session

Last but not the least, warming up and perspiring makes your skin softer and more perceptive to natural scrubs and soaps. The healing and rejuvenating extracts, twigs, mattresses, scrubs, and hot tubes with the use of herbs, honey, salt, citrus, birch, oak, juniper, and more, are then applied. Additionally, the skin becomes more elastic thanks to the contrasting bathing in hot tubes and cold plunges.

As a result of this comprehensive several-hour care, your skin looks healthier and its aging can be slowed down. The conditions like psoriasis, acne, and so on are alleviated. On top of that, sauna benefits for the skin are associated with spending time in a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere, which undoubtedly has a good impact on your skin.

How to incorporate steam bathing into your routine

This section is for those who wonder how long and frequent their wellness programs should be so that they reap the most benefits out of them.

To begin with, the health benefits of a sauna become evident even after you visit it once. However, like with exercising, taking vitamins, or other routines you practice to improve your well-being, sauna benefits have an accumulative effect, meaning that undergoing a relaxation program weekly or, at least, monthly is recommended.

The considerable advantage of booking a customized steam bathing program with Jägala Juga is that there are professional sauna masters available who lead the guests through the entire process from start to finish. They regulate the temperature and humidity in the steam room and are responsive to the feedback from the guests on how they feel to adjust the rituals accordingly. The temperature in steam saunas is quite mild and normally ranges from 60 °C to 80 °C with 30-50% humidity, which makes the session pleasant and not hard to tolerate, as can be the case with Finnish saunas, for example.

Specialists will also set the optimal duration of hot and cold contrast bathing. Nutritious homemade snacks and warming herbal tea will help you restore energy after the session and stay hydrated and are an integral part of the program.

The rituals are very well complemented by other relaxation practices you might be familiar with, such as massage, meditation, and aromatherapy. The seamless combination of all these routines in one session guarantees deep relaxation and improved health.

Tips on how to ensure the routines are safe for your health

The benefits of sauna use are undeniable. However, you need to remember that when you’re exposed to high temperatures and increased humidity, you’re under a certain amount of stress, and simple measures should be taken before, during, and after the session so that it doesn’t affect your health.

  1. Before making your reservation, make sure to consult with a medic in case you suffer from blood pressure or heart issues, as well as in case you’re pregnant. It’s advisable not to stay in the steam room by yourself, which is not the case at Jägala Juga, where our guests are continually accompanied by an accomplished professional. Otherwise, if you’re visiting another complex, invite a friend or a family member for a group session so that you don’t stay alone, especially if you experience the issues above. If you’re feeling unwell, even on the day your session is booked, it’s highly recommended that you rebook it for a later date.
  2. Don’t eat heavy meals or drink alcohol at least several hours before the session, as this might place additional strain on your heart, make you feel sick, and cause your blood pressure to plummet. At Jägala Juga, we offer an assortment of light snacks, e.g. protein-rich nuts, dried fruit, homemade pickled tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms, and natural tea that will replenish your energy and satisfy hunger without overloading your body.
  3. Before entering the steam room, make sure you don’t have any unnecessary clothing on you, wear a sheer swimsuit, and use breathable linen sheets to wrap up. We offer our guests light and breathable clothing made of linen; however, they may choose to steam bath without it if they wish and put on linen bathrobes in between rituals. These measures are needed to increase the surface of your body that is exposed to the beneficial effect of the warmth and natural components, as well as enable unhindered sweating and detoxification. For the same purpose, it’s recommended that you take off your watch, even if waterproof, and any accessories so that they don’t heat up or cause distraction during the session.
  4. Prior to the rituals, remove all makeup, shower, and dry well with a towel. Our guests are welcome to enjoy the softness, fragrance, and silky structure of the makeup-removing milk, premium shower gel, shampoo, and hair conditioner that we provide. Showering with soap products before bathing with whisks is recommended as this helps to deeply cleanse your skin and prevent it from absorbing extraneous unnatural compounds. Removing any dirt, dead particles, and oil from your skin prepares it to efficiently ‘breathe’, disposing of impurities and toxins and taking in the moisturizing and rejuvenating minerals and components of herbs and scrubs. Additionally, this preparation warms up your muscles and accelerates blood flow.
  5. The calm and quiet atmosphere of a wellness complex, e.g. at Jägala Juga, helps you to unwind your mind and let go of worries. To ensure that you get the most out of your experience, the personnel of the complex cleans and prepares the room so that it doesn’t have any distracting elements and objects so that you can meditate. We also organize musical meditations with a gong, which maximizes the health-promoting benefits of the experience.
  6. After the session, it’s vital to replenish the body's fluids by drinking a sufficient amount of liquid. We at Jägala Juga know the importance of this and therefore furnish natural herbal tea, mineral water with a pleasant taste high in various essential minerals, and refreshing premium-quality bottled water.
  7. Again, consistency is a key. If you include steam bathing rituals into your monthly routine, you’ll adjust to the heat, humidity, and contrasting temperatures, and these conditions will be way less stressful.

To sum up

When performed regularly and in accordance with the above guidelines, a wellness session yields multiple benefits and contributes to improving cardiovascular, muscle, skin, and mental health. However, it’s crucial to remember that every individual is unique. Therefore, we encourage our guests to always listen to their bodies and discuss the way they feel with wellness complex professionals in order to adjust the program to their needs.